Alice Taylor's Memories relating to Windmill Gap, WV

Letter to Pat Smith from Alice Taylor dated November 25, 2002

Dar Pat,

These pictures were taken 1947-48, 1948-49 school years. The '47 pictures has the teacher and her name was Mrs. Smith. Thats all I remember. In 48-49 Marie Vewter was our teacher. She was from Montcalm. William Cole was the principal. The name of the school was Prosperity Elementary. We also had coal stoves in both rooms and outside bathrooms. We had a hot lunch program. When we got to McComas we had to take our lunch.

Windmill Gap was a great place. We had 2 churches, 1 grocery store with a gas pump and 1 beer joint. My grandparents moved from Crumpler to Windmill Gap. My grandfather worked in the mines at Crumpler. Their names were Grover C. and Ora McMillan Williams. All of my childhood my grandparents lived on the mountain. It was a great place to live.

Alice Taylor
New Castle Deleware
p.s. Hope you like the pictures. I marked the back 47-48 2nd grade, 48-49 3rd grade.
I went to Ashland in first grade. Pocahontas Elementary 45-46
7th - 12th - at McComas

Prosperity Elementary School Windmill Gap, WV
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Prosperity Elementary School... click to enlarge
Outside the Prosperity Elementary School
Prosperity Elementary School 1947-48... click to enlarge
Prosperity Elementary School 1947-48 Grades 1,2,3
Prosperity Elementary School 1948-49... click to enlarge
Prosperity Elementary School 1948-49 Grades 1,2,3