Beartown Memorial Church
Beartown, Wyoming County, WV

Pastor Scott Bailey - Beartown Memorial Church



Pastor Scott Bailey

Sunday School:  10:00 a.m.
Worship Service: 11:00 a.m.
Sunday & Wednesday Night Service: 7:00 p.m.          

Beartown Memorial Church September 3, 2007 photo courtesy of Karen Garland

November 4, 2007
(back) John Green, PJ Mitchem, Rhonda Bailey, Barbara Bailey, Pastor Scott Bailey, Gaye Hancock
(front) Jim Smith, Dennis Bailey, Sandra Bailey, Tina Mitchem, Willis Mitchem, Carmen Bailey, Jimmy Hancock (Carol Green behind him)

photo courtesy of Pat Smith

(left to right) Barbara Bailey, wife of Pastor Scott Bailey (2nd from the left)

Carmen Bailey - grandmother of Pastor Scott Bailey

Dennis & Sandra Davis Bailey parents of Pastor Scott Bailey

Rhonda Nicole Bailey - daughter of Barbara & Scott Bailey

(Carmen is 89 years old and a lifetime member of this church.  Her ancestors were the original founders and builders of the church)  Scott is carrying on a long family tradition with his services to this beautiful church.

photo courtesy of Pat Smith

Inside the Beartown Memorial Church

photo courtesy of Pat Smith

photo courtesy of Pat Smith

(back) Daniel, Grandma Pat Smith, Carmen "Tom" Bailey, Sandra Davis Bailey
(front)Katie & Allie Smith
Sandra and Pat are 1st cousins raised at McComas, WV now married to Beartown boys Dennis Bailey and Jim Smith
Carmen is a sister to Jim's late mother Mildred Smith - both who were strong supporters of this church and their hometown heritage on this beautiful mountaintop community.
Sisters Carol Blankenship Greer & Gaye Blankenship Hancock - life time members at Beartown Memorial Church - Gaye is the piano player and they both sign duets frequently for the congregation - their parents Harry & Pauleen Blankenship were strong members of the congregation while they were alive

(back) - Daniel, Pat, Carmen, Sandra, (Front) Katie & Allie

Sisters Carol Blankenship Green and Gaye Blankenship Hancock

Grandchildren of Pat and Jim Smith - Allie, Katie, Daniel and Scott - this was their 1st day to attend Beartown Memorial Church.  Their great grandmother Mildred Louise Bailey Smith (sister to Carmen) was also a lifetime member of this church.  Carmen and Mildred gave much time and energy into raising funds for the church to continue.  They both were members of the Beartown Quilting Club a fund-raising effort just for the church.

Chris & Lauren Garside Smith are parents of Allie (3), Katie (8), Scott (7)   Eric & Karen Smith Garland are parents of Daniel (2)