Beartown School / Community Center
1930s Students at Beartown School Photo view it...

Carmen Bailey celebrated her 89th birthday with a dinner given in her honor by her church family.  The dinner was held at the Beartown Community Center, formerly the old school house that Mrs. Bailey attended, as a child.  Carmen is the oldest member of the Beartown Memorial Church, which she has attended since her early childhood.  She is also the oldest member of the Beartown community where she has lived all her life.  Born to Oscar and Verlie Milam Bailey, September 29, 1918 she is a direct descendant of the Milamís and Baileyís that settled this area in the early 1800ís. 

She married Clayton Bailey December 5, 1938, and still lives in the same house.  They were married 54 years before a tragic accident took his life in 1990.  Her faith not only sustained her through that loss but also the loss of her daughter Dixie of leukemia at the young age of 12.

The Lord has blessed Carmen to see her grandson Scott Bailey, just one of the many children in the community  she taught Sunday school, become the Pastor of the Beartown Memorial Church, Pastor Bailey is the son of Dennis and Sandra Bailey, Dennis is Carmenís only surviving child.  Pastor Bailey and his wife Barbara are the parents of Carmenís only great grandchild Rhonda, all are of Beartown. She has another grandson Rusty Bailey of Princeton. 

Carmen Earsel Bailey born September 29, 1918
at Crumpler, WV
Oscar Edward and Verlie Gertrude Milam Bailey
 celebrated her 89th birthday
October 7, 2007 at the Beartown Community Center

Mrs. Bailey is an inspiration to the entire community.  She taught Sunday school, Vacation Bible School and worked tirelessly on many programs for the church.  She is still a great help with Vacation Bible School.  She helped organize the Beartown Quilters club to raise money for the needy and for the upkeep of the Old School House, which is used for Church dinners and community activities. When asked how she is doing Carmenís response is always the same, ďWell, Iím still going, so Iím doing alright.Ē She is a cherished member of the community.  article written for the Mullens Advocate by Carmen's neice Tina McKinney Mitchem of Beartown

Oscar Bailey 1893-1929 (killed in a mining accident)Verlie (left) Oscar (3rd from left in back)

images from several Beartown Memorial Church homecoming dinners held at the
old Beartown School/Community Center

May 2004 at the Beartown Community Center

Pauleen Blankenship (now deceased) was a leading member of the communityNancy White and friendCarol Blankenship Greer - sister Gaye Blankenship Hancock talking to Nancy WhiteJoan Mitchem Anderson cutting cucumbers in the kitchen - Tina Mitchem and Christine Bailey in the front

Sandy Hess, Patty Smith, aunt Margaret Huffman Davis & Dennis BaileyCarmen "Tom" Bailey and daughter-in-law Sandra Davis Baileyaunt Tom overseeing the food preparation

Scott Bailey - rightuncle Basil Bailey sitting at the table - brother to Carmen "Tom"aunt Tom gets a birthday surprise


September 2004 - aunt Carmen "Tom" Bailey is in charge of the crew
making apple butter at the Beartown Community Center side yard proceeds went to the church.

The process was over an open fire outside and it took all day - stirring the pot was enjoyed by all who attended.
As the pictures show its a good time to work, visit and be with friends all at the same time.