photo provided by Marie Curran Howard

McComas High Class of 1943

Top Row:  Dora Bailey, Everette Davis, Garnette Conner

3rd Row:  Mary Attaviani, Ruby Parcell, Lorraine Hedrick, Howard Conner, Dandela Pietrantozzi (maybe), Joyce Blevins, Harry Sigmon, Unknown, Jean Gillispie, B. P. Early, Bill Runion, Theodore Miller, and Garwood Conner

2nd Row:  Mary Stocchi, Edith Attaviani, Kathleen Gregory, Lena Galati, Virginia Dickson, Kathryn Bell, Amer Ables, Unknown, and Otis Martin

1st Row:  Lilian Church, Nancy Sizemore, Marie Curran, Linda Furnari, Elizabeth Belcher, Edith Ratcliff, Ruby Borich

Note to Patty from Marie Curran Howard.
Concerning the naming and some of her memories of the students in the photo.
  • Reginald Bailey was a little short guy, probably can’t see him.
  • Ferrel Boyd Taller dark hair and unseen. Most likely in back row.
  • Jim Shea Taller blonde hair most likely in back row “clowning around”.
  • Jr. Sizemore (Howard first name) – I think that’s him between Otis Martin and Amer Ables.
  • Kenneth Gillenwater is probably behind Theodore Miller and Bill Runion.
  • On this picture, Mary and Edith Ottaviani are sisters.
  • Garwood Conner is Mayda Conner William’s (Elmer’s wife) brother. I’m not positive, but I think Garnette Conner is his sister.
  • Strangely, I do not have any memory of Lillian Jean Catlett, on here, unless she is Lillian Belcher, sister of Elizabeth, but not sure she graduated with us.
  • There are a few people, that I remember, not on the list of 1943 class. Not sure why, except maybe they were already in the service, or had to do with low grades. But not all – Paul and Louise Carasi (now deceased), but Louise Carasi was also on school reunion picture with me.
  • Howard Conner, later went to college and became High School Coach.
  • B. P. Early went to college and is a person, (I think officer) of a Blufield Bank – still there.
  • Mary Stocchi was from Thornhill and lives now in Pennsylvania.
  • Dora Bailey (retired teacher, lives in Florida and was from Windmill Gap, a wonderful Bailey family with 17 children. Most went to college, Jackie knows them.
  • Lena Galati lives in Portsmouth, VA married name Haddon, husband Ben (deceased) was a retired Navy Chief.
  • One of the Capparellies girls, was in my class (Delphinea, I think, called Del). Her name is not on the list, so maybe she didn’t graduate. She lives out there in Stanton (California), I think, and so does her brother, Emelio. Del came to see me once when I lived on Dale St. (Garden Grove). She has sisters in Huntington Beach. One of their husbands use to own (or run) a car sales place in Huntington Beach (California), but she died, so don’t know what happened to them.
  • Reginald Bailey is a little short guy.
  • Ferrell Boyd is tall.
  • Kenneth Gillenwater is rather short and slim.
  • James Shea is taller.
  • Dandelo Pietrantozzi – average height with dark hair and eyes and heavy set.
  • Howard Jr. Sizemore (I think between Otis Martin and Amer Ables.
Many of these people are not living.