McComas Area Schools

Bible Schools

1944 Bible School Certificate from Thomas Memorial Church
            certificate supplied by Cynthia Marie Sanders Lee 1/2004

McComas, High School

McComas, West Virginia 1924-1960

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Previous McComas High School Staff Members
Links provided for pictures of some teachers

  • Lorainne Alley, Teacher
  • Mr. Anderson
  • Ms, Lucille Fisher Teacher (1945)
  • Bonnie Bailey, Librarian
  • Earnest Bailey, Teacher
  • James Bailey, Teacher
  • Lorraine June Beckett, Teacher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Bailey (1945)
  • Evelyn Beggs, Teacher
  • Ted Bird, Teacher 1950s
  • Ralph Byrd, Teacher/Coach 1950s
  • Mrs. Brown, Teacher
  • Doris Cartwright, Teacher 1950s
  • Mrs. Caruth Choir 1950s (Rotating Mercer Co. Music Teacher visited McComas once a week - she also came to Pinnacle when I was in elementary school there)
  • Lorraine Catron, Teacher
  • Melvin McClain, Principal around 1940
  • Howard Conner, Teacher/Coach 1950s
  • Mr. Edwards, Teacher and COACH
  • Bruce Fleshman-Pincipal 1947
  • Mrs. Gad, Teacher
  • Ward Gamble, First PRINCIPAL in 1924
  • Julia Garnett, Teacher
  • Ms. Noletha Gilberth, Teacher
  • Mr. Jack Graham, Teacher
  • Ms. Alice Graves, Home Economics and Science (1938)
  • Ms. Florence Hanna, Teacher
  • Mr. A.C Hinkle, Principal & Mathematics (1938)
  • Mr. Bill Houchins, Coach 1947
  • Agatha Hughes, Teacher (1940-50s)
  • Mrs. Carol Hurst, Teacher 1950s/60 at McComas, then continued to teach at Bramwell when MHS closed and the students were transferred there in 1960
  • Betty Johnson, Teacher
  • Mrs. Jude, Teacher
  • Ms. Martha Lazenby, Latin & Physical Education (1938)
  • Mrs. Lengle
  • Ms. Janet Massie, Teacher (1945)
  • Mr. Melvin McClain, Physical Education & Science (1938)
  • John Magann, Principal 1950s (In an article in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph on April 15, 1953 John Magann was the Principal at McComas High School 280 students and 13 teachers were at the school)
  • Mrs. Penland, Teacher
  • Steven Peters, Teacher
  • Mr. Pete Roney, Teacher
  • Mr. Arthur Rowland, Teacher/Coach 1950s
  • Ms. Nancy Ruddle, Teacher
  • Mr. Leroy Sale, Commercial Department (1938)
  • Ms. Kelly (Arvenia) Shutt, Mathematics & Biology (1938)(1945)
  • Mr. Skidmore Teacher/Coach late 1940s
  • Brookie Smith, Teacher
  • Ms. Lucy Snead, Teacher (1945)
  • Mr. Dana Lee Stike, Principal 1944, 1945
  • Mr. James Stinette, English & Social Science (1938)
  • Mr. Harry Strong, Biology & Social Science (1938)
  • Inez Taylor, English & Social Science (1938)
  • Naola Bam Toler, Teacher
  • Mrs. Vaughter, Teacher
  • Jack Webb, Teacher/Coach 1950s
  • Mr. E. L. Wellman, Teacher (1945)
  • Mr. Richard Wellock Choir (IRotating Mercer Co. Music Teacher visited McComas once a weekI)
  • Hobert Young, Teacher
  • Ernest Mathena Janitor 1950s
    McComas High School around 1950 the work shop and steps are now to enlarge - use your Back Button to return MHS Sports Participation to enlarge - use your Back Button to return
    Photo supplied by Tony Basconi
    November 2001
    McComas High School during its early days - so early the steps were not to enlarge - use your Back Button to return
    McComas High School 1930s - to enlarge - use your Back Button to return McComas High School Gymnasium Coach Luther Huffman (my uncle) is standing in the left with his arm extended up - PTA Basketball game late to enlarge - use your Back Button to return
    Coach Luther Huffman (my uncle) is standing in the left with his arm extended up. Kathleen Cole is center of the photo. Let me know if you recognize anyone in this MHS Gymnasium photo.
    Hillside where McComas High School once sat November to enlarge - use your Back Button to return McComas High School Hillside/Steps November to enlarge - use your Back Button to return
    McComas High School Site
    as of November 2001
    McComas Area Schools
    McComas High School (MHS) McComas Loaders 1924-1960
    click Terry Tabor's link to read about the
        class of 1927 and 1953
    First graduating class was in 1927 with 47 students. (I originally read the number who graduated as 47 in an article by Ken Bowen about the graduating class of 1927 Terry Tabor reported the number as 5 along with the names (click this note Terry Tabor reports only 5 graduated in 1927) here to read about it! - use your Back Button to return icon to read Terrys email))
    The last MHS graduating class was in 1960
    click here to see their picture) with at least 17 students.

    McComas High School Steps (if you can see them through the trees - 41 years after closing Photo supplied by Jim Smith)
    McComas High School Site Nov 2001 (hillside where school once sat - photo taken from the site where we got on the school bus in the afternoon, the steps are on the hillside but barely visible - Photo by Pat Smith Nov 2001)
    Another view of the steps - photo by Pat Smith November 2001
    Maxine Bird Brugnoli age 18 taken in 1940 on the MHS Steps
    provided by Gina Bocock her daughter What a great picture this is what we remember them looking like!!!!
    McComas High School(MHS) Class of 1937
    McComas High School (MHS) 1937 Faculty
    McComas High School(MHS) Class of 1939
    Helen Huffman MHS 1939-1940 9th grade
    McComas High School (MHS) Class of 1941 (provided by Carl O'Donnell
    McComas High School (MHS) Class of 1943 - plus a picture of their Graduation Announcement
    [Photograph and identification of students courtesy of Gordon & Jackie Curran Howard]
    Helen Huffman 1944 MHS Graduate (Mother of Pat Smith)
    Helen Huffman 1944 MHS Diploma
    McComas High School (MHS) Class of 1947
    McComas High School Glee Club Program 1947
    McComas High School (MHS) Class of 1948
    McComas High School BasketBall Team 1948/49
    McComas High School (MHS) Class of 1949
    McComas High School(MHS) 1952 Basketball Team
    provided by Cynthia Sanders (Note from Pat: my 1st cousin Bobby Huffman is on this team!)
    McComas High School(MHS) 1952 Graduation Program
    McComas High School(MHS) 1952 Yearbook
    Partial MHS 1953 Seniors Class
    Terry Tabor's 1953 MHS Memories
    McComas High School(MHS)Class of 1954
    McComas High School(MHS) 1954 Graduation Program
    MHS 1956 Senior Class
    MHS 1956 Jerry Shinshock in his basketball uniform

    McComas High School (MHS) Senior High Letter in Basketball Award award provided by Elsie Bailey for her son Roger who was in the last MHS class of 1960

    Conner Mountain Elementary School

    Conner Mountain School near McComas, WV
    Inside Conner Mountain School early 1950s

    Crane Creek Elementary School

    Crane Creek Elementary School(in the background - Susie Cole & James Sutherland circa 1950)

    Crystal Elementary School

    Crystal Elementary School#1
    Crystal Elementary School#2

    Pinnacle Elementary School

    • Mrs. Bailey, Teacher 5th/6th grades 1950s
    • Eulalia Hobbs,Principal-Teacher 1st/2nd grades 1940s/50s
    • Ilene Reed, Teacher 3rd/4th grades 1940/50s
    • Juanita Sylvester, Teacher 1940s

    There were two elementary schools at Pinnacle.
    The older Pinnacle School: Was a two story structure. There were 2 classrooms upstairs and 2 down. You would enter the front door and immediately go up a large flight of steps to the second floor. Under the stairs were 2 indoor restrooms. Each classroom contained a "pot belly" stove to heat the room. Both Pinnacle schools used the same playground area.
    Pinnacle 1947-1948 Grade 1   photo supplied by Elsie Bailey
    Juanita Sylvesters Class at Pinnacle   photo supplied by Elsie Bailey
    Sylverster School Certificate   certificate supplied by Elsie Bailey
    Ilene Reed 2nd Grade Class at Pinnacle 1950   photo supplied by Elsie Bailey
    Faithful/Perfect Attendance Certificate May 23, 1950 certificate supplied by Elsie Bailey for her son Roger

    The newer Pinnacle School opened across the road from the older one around 1950/51. It contained 3 classrooms (each supported 2 grades) with a Principal's office on the top/main floor with the lunch room, kitchen, store room, 2 bathrooms, and furnace room on the lower level. This school was build on top of debry from the slatedump explosion which occurred at Pinnacle on June 10, 1924. Robert Lacy was Principal at Pinnacle in the 1930s and Ms. Eula Hobbs was in the 1940s/50s/60s.
    Ilene Reed 4th Grade Class at Pinnacle 1951/52   photo supplied by Elsie Bailey
    Site before Pinnacle Elementary School was built, pre-1950
    Pinnacle Elementary School, 1960s
    Pinnacle Elementary School, 2001 (house to left of the school is also in the 1920s McComas/Pinnacle Slate Dump Explosion picture above - the school and this road were built over the explosion debry. The green roadside to the left goes up to the Harman Cemetary.)

    Mora Black Elementary School

    Mora Balck Elementary School, 1948 Aerial View (poor quality)

    No data to add. If anyone has any please sent it I would love to add it to this page.

    Mora White Elementary School

    • Mrs. Auville, Teacher 1950s
    • Myrtle Eaton - 5th & 6th Grade Teacher
    • John Holston first Principal of Mora
    • Buelah Hubbard - 3rd & 4th grade teacher
    • Kathleen Keaton - 1st grade teacher
    • John Lovern - Principal & 6th grade teacher
    • Virginia McMillian - 2nd grade teacher
    • Mr. Moore, Teacher 1951

    Large Group Photo outside Mora Elementary School, 1941 (1st photo)
    photo supplied by Cynthia Sanders

    Large Group Photo outside Mora Elementary School, 1941 (2nd photo)
    photo supplied by Cynthia Sanders
    Mora Elementary School 1946/47 1st/2nd Grade photo supplied by Howard Winsette)
    Mora Elementary School, 1948 Aerial View (poor quality)
    Mora Elementary School, 1947/48
    Mora Elementary School, 1948/1949
    Mora Elementary School, circa 1949 photo supplied by Ted Black

    Mora Elementary School, circa 1950 photo supplied by /Ted Black
    Mora Elementary School, 1950 photo supplied by Tony Basconi
    Mora Elementary School, 1950/51 photo supplied by Tony Basconi
    Mora Elementary School 1951
    Mora Elementary School Grades 5-6, 1953-1954   photo supplied by Elsie Bailey

    Prosperity Elementary School at Windmill Gap

    Prosperity Elementary School
    photo supplied by Susan Arrington Clark (daughter of Joyce Cockran)
    Prosperity Elementary School, November 2001   photo taken by Pat Smith

    Alice Taylor's Memories of Prosperity Elementary School letter and photos from Alice Taylor

    Thornhill Elementary School

    Thornhill Elementary School 1952 Grades 1-4photo supplied by Tony Basconi

    Sagamore Elementary School
    closed in 1953

    A two room school located up Sagamore Hollow.
    • Agnes Pietrantozzi, Principal

    • Norma Riggs, Teacher
    • Evelyn Poe, Teacher
    • Margaret Butt

    Comments from Terry Tabor:  The two pictures of Sagamore Elementary School with teacher Agnes Pietrantozzi sitting in the back of the room are the same picture. Both the dates indicated (1947 and 1951) are incorrect. That picture was actually taken in 1949. I was in Evelyn Poe's third grade class that year. The picture of Mrs. Poe's class was 1950 (the date is written on the board). In 1950, I was in Mrs. Pietrantozzi's fourth grade class. (Note from Pat Smith after looking at the pictures I do think Terry is correct they are the same picture)

    Sagamore Elementary School 1947   photo supplied by Ken Bowen
    Sagamore Elementary School 1949 & 1950 photo supplied by Terry Tabor
    Sagamore Elementary School 1950   photo supplied by Robert Saddler
    Sagamore Elementary School, 1951   photo supplied by Robert Saddler

    Schools McComas area students attended after the local schools closed
    Bramwell High School (BHS) Bramwell Millionaires 1891-1991

    Bramwell High School   Bill Pettys Bramwell Web Site -

    Bramwell High School Cheerleaders, 1960-61   (2) McComas students (Rita Huffman & Sue Bailey)
    Bramwell High School Cheerleaders, 1961-62   (2) McComas students (Rita Huffman & Kaye Steele)

    Bramwell High School Graduating Class of 1961

    Bramwell High School Graduating Class of 1962
    Buddy Sparks Ex-McComas Student on BHS 1961-62 Basketball Team

    Guidance Office Bramwell High School, 1963   (2) McComas students (Pat Spicer and Janette McKinsey)
    Bramwell High School Graduating Class of 1963 Ex McComas Students:
    Top row left to right #7 Ronald Belcher, #9 James ODonnal
    Middle Row #4 Judy East, #5 Esther Walker
    Front Row 7 #3 Ruth East, #5 Pat Spicer (webmaster of this site), #7 Ila Davis
    Bramwell High School Graduating Class of 1965 Ex McComas Students: Top row left to right Row 1 #3 Joan Browing, #6 Johnny East, Row 3 #1 Brenda Belcher, #2 Bill Belcher, #5 Judy Farley, Row 4 #1 Wayne Belcher, Row 6 #2 Gordon Harless, Row 7 #3 Lonnie Odle, Row 9 #3 Joyce Poore, Row 10 #1 Freddie Sparks, #2 Ricky Sparks, Row 11 #1 Brenda Stevens, #3 Darrell Martin, #5 Eva Walker, Row 12 #4 Jeanette McKinsey, #6 Ronnie Wellman
    Bramwell High School class of 1966 EX-McComas students: Kaye Bailey, Ernie Belcher, Janet Belcher, Mary Cantos, Mike Kennett, Brenda King, Roger Krondon, Lydia Tooley, Larry Reed, Charles Wellman, Anita Sylvester, Rita Sylvester, and Mrs Carol Hurst taught us at both McComas and Bramwell High Schools.

    Bramwell High School 1966 Jr Varsity Basketball Team EX-McComas students: Mickey Spicer, Stanley Sparks, Johnny Harmon, Danny Brock

    Bramwell High School Graduating Class of 1967
    Bramwell High School WV State Championship 1967 Basketball Team Ex-McComas students Johnny Harman and Mickey Spicer on the team.
    Mickey Spicer BHS 1968
    Sandy Bird BHS 1968 (Sandy was from McComas/Pinnacle her grandfather Charlie Bird was the Manager of the Crane Creek and Pinnacle Company Stores. Her stepfather Mason Myers was McComas Post Master during the 60s)
    BHS 1968 Graduating Class Ex McComas Students: Top row left to right #1 Sandy Bird, #3 Danny Brock, Row 4 #7 Johnny Harmon, Row 6 #7 Pricilla Kade, #5 Dale Sigmon, Row 7 #7 Stanley Sparks, #6 Mickey Spicer
    Around 1966 a partial group of McComas area students began attending school at Montcalm. During this timeframe several of the higher grades still attended Bramwell High School until the were allowed to graduated. Today all Elementary and High School age students from McComas,WV attend Montcalm Elementary or High School. Anyone with more detailed information about this move I'd like to get more details. Please email me at:

    Patricia Smith (Patty Spicer)McComas Memories WebMaster

    Montcalm Elementary School

    Montcalm High School

    Montcalm Schools Information