photo provided by Terry Tabor

Sagamore Elementary School - grades 1 - 3 - Evelyn Poe Teacher 1948 - 49

Rows left to right, top to bottom

Row 1 - Terry Tabor, Mary Ruth Holden (L), Katie Ruth Miller (R), and Susie Burgess

Row 2 - Donnie Shumate, Michael Murphy, ? (L), Larry Shumate (R), and Rita Miller

Row 3 - ?, Jo Ann Holden (L), Brenda Glass (R), _____ Ratliff and Mollie Whittington

Row 4 - Mrs. Poe, Harold Punturi, Mary Kalovich, O.E. Bailey (L) and Richard Webb (R)



photo & names provided by Terry Tabor

Sagamore Elementary School- 1950 - Grades 4 - 6  Agnes Pietrantozzi, teacher
Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Row 1 - Mary Ruth Holden and Elmer Dale Conner
Row 2 - Barbara Punturi (L), Jeanette Webb (R), Christina Chudina, Douglas Miller and Buddy Beckner
Row 3 - Larry Shumate (L), Terry Tabor (R), O.E. Bailey (L), John Ratliff (R), Sandra Saddler (L) and Martha Ann Bailey (R)
Row 4 - Richard Webb, Harold Punturi, Mary Kalovich, and ? Ratliff (visitor)
Row 5 - Wanda Jean Conner (L), Nancy Woodring (R) and ?