Background flower is the beautiful Rhodendron which grows in abundance on the hillside of Thomas, WV
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Early McComas Pioneer
Uria Samual "U.S." Grant Spicer and Nancy "Nannie" J. Harmon Family

Great Grandparents of Patty (Spicer) Smith webmaster of this McComas Memories Website

Patty's Grandfather Andrew Harvey Spicer was the son of Nannie and Uria

Photo left to right - U.S. Grant Spicer, Nancy "Nannie" Harmon Spicer, their daughter Bertie Spicer
The following Uria Samuel Grant Spicer Family article written by KEVIN E. SPICER (gggrandson)
for submission in the Mercer County History - 2002 publication.
Permission was granted 1/14/2004 from Kevin to reprint the ariticle on this website.
Uria Samuel Grant Spicer was born in 1866 in Traphill, Wilkes Co., NC. He was the great-grandson of William Spicer, Revolutionary War veteran, whose great great grandfather William came to this country from England in 1654. He was named after Union General U.S. Grant. His father was a Union sympathizer. Sometime before 1885, Uria moved to McComas, WV and married Nannie Jane Harman on Dec 29, 1886. Nannie was born in 1872 to Andrew and Lydia Reed Harman. They lived behind the Thomas store beside the railroad tracks. Uria died Jan 5, 1925, Nannie died Mar 17, 1930. Both are buried in unmarked graves in a mountain cemetery in McComas. They had 11 children:
  • Andrew
  • Ed
  • Lydia
  • John
  • Dora
  • Bertie
  • Hobert
  • Warney
  • Alice
  • Gertie
  • and my grandfather Alvie
Alvie was born on Nov 25, 1910 and married Ora Daly Gillenwater on Feb 16, 1929. Ora's family was from Washington and Scott and Tazewell county. Her great-great-great uncle is mention on page 11 of the book "Saint of the Wilderness" as Rev. Sheffey's teacher. Her father James Dexter was Police Chief of Tazewell in the 1920's Alvie died on Nov 21, 1978 and Ora died Nov 25, 1991. Alvie's birthday. Both were at the funeral home on Thursday night and buried the next day. They had 12 children.
  • Claude (12/13/1929-)
  • Ruth(12/21/1930-12/8/2000)
  • Lorraine (9/13/1932-9/7/1933)
  • JoAnn(6/18/1934-)
  • Evelyn(3/8/1936-)
  • Jimmy(3/16/1937-10/18/1937)
  • Thomas(9/23/1941-)
  • Agnes(4/6/1944-)
  • Brenda(10/21/1945-)
  • Linda(6/29/1947-)
  • Delbert(6/9/1949-6/9/1949)
  • and my father Edward(2/26/1943-)
Kevin E. Spicer
end of Kevin's article

Photo supplied by Pat(Spicer)Smith of Thomas showing Uria and Nannies House
the house(roof & chimney) sitting at bottom left of the photo above was the same house as in the next photo below that Nannie & Uria later moved into.
  • June Eanes Martin daughter of Lucille "Thompson" Eanes Wohner has family notes left by Lucille concerning the family. June said she remember Lucille telling her of Uria and Nannie living in the house in the 1st photo above. June wrote, " Mom told me several different stories about when she would go and stay for months at a time with Great-Grandma & Grandpa Spicer when she was young.  Grandma Thompson would always say Lucille was really spoiled because all the younger kids of Great-Grandma Spicer were boys and Lucille was her favorite granddaughter.  Mom told me they lived in the house Wilkes lived in which was directly across the railroad tracks, across the road with steps leading up to the house." 
  • June wrote of the house in the photo above and things her mother had told her, "She told me about Uncle Alvie and Uncle Warney when they lived at the house the Wikles lived in just being so young and Grandma getting after them for things they did." 
  • June also wrote, "Mom said Grandma Spicer thought she had indigestion and sat on the railroad rail, close to the house and drank baking soda water and that she always drank soda water when she had indigestion.  Only this time that wasn't what the problem was and she got worse and died." This would be the house in the photo below which sat beside the railroad tracks.
Photo supplied by Pat(Spicer)Smith of Thomas showing Uria and Nannies House
  • Thomas Company Store was to the right of Uria and Nannies house in the photo above and the railroad tracks were directly in front of the house. One see's the train in the photo
  • I purchased a copy of Uria's Death Certificate from the Court House at Princeton which states he was a Carpenter. Since he lived in Coal Company Housing at Thomas - he must have been a Carpenter for Mr. Thomas working in an around the mines or on the company houses or other property..
  • Lucille "Thompson" Eanes Wohner informed me several years ago she remembers going over to spend the night with her grandmother Nannie after Uria died. Nannie was afraid to stay alone at night. As a child Lucille lived on a mountainside on the opposite side of the Thomas Company Store with her parents Tom & Lydia Spicer Thompson. The area marked in the photo for the Andrew Harmon farm. June Eanes Martin daughter of Lucille emailed me that Lucille's mother often said Lucille was spoiled by her grandparents - for a long time she was the only grandaughter with many males around. Lucille would spend weeks at her grandparents house. After Lucille married Maurice Eanes she was widowed at an early age when he was killed in a coal mining accident. She raised her 3 children (Frazier, June and Sonny) in the house sitting directly to the left of the Thomas Store. She later married John Wohner and had another daughter Deborah and moved to MD.
  • I was born in 1946 in the house up the hill to the left behind Uria and Nannies house. I was raised and lived there until 1964 with my mother's parents Robert and Cora "Stevens" Huffman. The word "Tipple" is directly in front of our house. All my years growing up I never knew my great grandparents ever lived there. The house is gone now but I had an aunt that lived there when I was younger and I remember the inside of the house very well. I could tell a million beautiful loving stories looking at this photo and all the memories of that little corner of Thomas/McComas, WV. Many days sitting in the porch swing overlooking that hillside - watching the world evolve by us at Thomas. All the families that lived in all those houses at one time or another. Wouldn't it be a wonderful day to be able to return for one day and visit them all again and talk about so many many things we can only wonder about now!
  • The tipple was only a very short distance on up that railroad track. The train came every day around 1 p.m. to deliver empties and take away the loaded coal cars. There was alot of debry from the smokestack on that train. I comment/applaud/give a standing ovation to all those women of the coal mining community. Their homes were their pride and joy and they kept them clean. It was an everyday occurance to mop and dust - sweep and scrub the porch but it was done. The laundry that was hung out to dry was a badge of cleanliness to its owner. The whiter it was the higher that woman probably held her head in pride. Life was hard but everyone survived. We were all in the same shoes (so to speak). Everyone made the best of what little they had and took great pride in what they had and their families. Neighbors were neighborily and helped when someone was in need. Thousands lived in all of McComas little communities and back in all those hollows - but everyone seemed to know everyone else. How many neighborhoods or towns today can attest to that?
Children of Uria and Nannie taken at the Harmon Cemetary (where Uria and Nannie are buried)
The cemetary sits on a mountaintop above Pinnacle, WV - the old Pinnacle Tram Tracks ran near it.

My cousin June Eanes Martin (formerly of Thomas/McComas, WV) wrote to me that she has notes her Mom (Lucille Thompson Eanes Wohner) made on the Harmon's.  Lucille was a daughter of Tommy and Lydia Spicer Thompson (daughter of Uria & Nancy "Nannie" Harmon Spicer)
She (Lucille) said Andrew Harmon (Nanny's father) owned all that land from where the Jones lived over past Church Hollow.  The daughter that got the land that became Church Hollow married a Church.  Aunt Dicey Harmon-Thompson got the land where she lived (foot of the hill the graveyard) and the land Henry Thompson lived on as well.  Andrew sold the coal rights and his family are the ones that started that graveyard.  I understood from Mom that Andrew and Lydia are buried there.
I suspect Nannie and Uria settled at McComas when they married in 1886. Nannie's father Andrew Harmon owned a farm and they may have lived on his land until the coal mines started in 1902. It appears Uria then worked for the mining industry.

married December 29, 1886 in Mercer Co, WV

Descendants of Uria Samual (U.S) Grant Spicer
compiled by Patricia Spicer Smith

1 Uria Samual (U.S) Grant Spicer b: 1866 d: January 05, 1925 in McComas, WV
.. +Nancy J. "Nannie" Harmon b: 1872 m: December 29, 1886 d: March 17, 1930
In the U.S. Census of 1880 Nancy Harmon was 8 years old living in the household of her father Andrew Harmon at Rock, District 86, Mercer Co, WV.
.. 2 Lydia Spicer
...... +Tom "Tommie" Thompson
.. 2 Doria Spicer
...... +James Scott
.. 2 Gertie Spicer
...... +John Perry
.. 2 Alice Spicer
...... +Frank Cromer
.. 2 Hobert Spicer d: June 13, 1985
...... +Blanch Jackson
.. 2 Warnie Spicer
...... +Bea Brown
(Pat Spicer Smiths grandparents)
.. 2 [1] Andrew Harvey Spicer b: May 03, 1888 d: November 06, 1958 in Mercer Co, WV
...... +Mary Ann Robinson b: September 17, 1895 m: May 11, 1910 in Honaker, WV d: November 01, 1931 in Mercer Co, WV
.. *2nd Wife of [1] Andrew Harvey Spicer:
...... +Lula Underwood m: 1950
.. 2 Bertie Spicer d: April 1986
...... +Harvey Lawrence Aust m: April 10, 1926
.. 2 Edward Spicer b: August 06, 1891 d: March 1964
...... +Bertie Spicer b: March 02, 1879 d: April
.. 2 [2] Johnny Spicer b: April 14, 1900 d: October 1972
...... +Lula Spicer
.. *2nd Wife of [2] Johnny Spicer:
...... +Mamie Gills Spicer
.. 2 Alvie Spicer b: November 25, 1910 d: November
...... +Ora Gillenwater m: February 16, 1929

Descendants of Harvey Spicer
family of Uria Spicer from Wilkes Co, NC

1 [2] Harvey Spicer b: 1819
.. +Nancy Brooks b: 1822
.. 2 Frances Spicer b: 1843
...... +Jesse Tyra Yale b: 1839 d: 1922
.. 2 Kizia Spicer b: 1845 d: 1936

.. 2 William Spicer b: January 04, 1848 in Wilkes NC - William & Martha married then moved from NC to WV and owned a mountain at Simmons (near Bramwell, WV it was once called Spicertown
...... +Martha Burgess d: April 27, 1911 Martha is buried in Bramwell but William returned to NC. Current day Shupe family in Bramwell are his offspring. In the 1880 Federal Census William and Martha lived in Rock District 84 of Mercer Co, WV.

.. 2 [1] John Spicer b: April 04, 1850
...... +Sally Billings
.. *2nd Wife of [1] John Spicer:
...... +Millie Billings
.. 2 Zachariah G. Spicer b: August 04, 1852 d: July 24, 1924
...... +Micah Pauline Hall b: May 02, 1855 m: August 26, 1875 d: 1922
.. 2 Millie Spicer b: 1855 d: 1913
...... +Vallet C. Yale, Jr m: October 08, 1876
.. 2 Vincent Spicer b: June 10, 1857 d: January 01, 1944
...... +Martha Caroline Hall m: December 28, 1879

*2nd Wife of [2] Harvey Spicer:
.. +Nancy Phillips b: 1842

.. 2 Uria Samual (U.S) Grant Spicer b: 1866 d: January 05, 1925 in McComas, WV
...... +Nancy J. "Nannie" Harmon b: 1872 m: December 29, 1886 d: March 17, 1930

.. 2 Sarah J. Spicer b: 1868
.. 2 Hardin M. Spicer b: 1869