General comments and observations supplied by viewers
  • I (Patricia) emailed Loretta Hammond daughter of the late Carl Mariotti of McComas seeking information about McComas. Loretta now owns and operates the Mountaineer Bowling Lanes in Bluefield, WV along with her brother Carl Mariotti Jr. She forwarded my request along to Carl's living siblings and Elettra responded.
  • A note from the Desk of Elettra Mariotti of Annapolis, MD to Patricia Smith on March 26, 2002

Elettra had casually asked Americo Mariotti (who is now 87 years old) what he knew of the Huffman's, Pats relatives. This is his response which he had written to Elettra,

"I knew the Huffman's well. There was a bunch of them, about 3 families. For history you can tell them where they had the tennis courts years before - they had a community building there. Before they tore it down your dad (I think he was referring to Elettra's father here) bought the 2 pool tables and the nickel roll piano and set them up in the union hall where they had a watch repair shop in one side of the building. I got to go up with him, in the wagon, on Saturday night to get the piano."

Note from Pat: I want to thank Loretta, Elettra and Americo for their assistance and this information. I believe Mr. Mariotti has solved the mystery for me of the older building in the J.Tracy Walker pages that appeared to be located in the area of the Pinnacle Store. I knew the building disappeared and the new brick Pinnacle Store was build on that same site. Since the tennis courts were located near this area this must have been the community center he speaks of. Thank you very much much Mr. Mariotti - this was a brief comment but filled with very good information...I can add another bit of information about one of these same pool table. Years after this my uncle Luther Huffman obtained one of these tables and I presume they had no place to put it so it sat under a bridge at Thomas where it was played on for many years. I remember seeing it there when I was very young (early 1950s) at which time the weather and elements had not been so kind to it - but it still existed.

Yes there were several Huffman families - all sons of John A. and Jane Ann (Bishop) Huffman formerly of North Wilksboro, NC who migrated to McComas in 1901 with their children to work in the coal mines. Listed below are some of these children who lived at McComas:

  • son - Robert Huffman my grandfather married Cora Mae Stevens
  • son - Washington "Wash" Huffman married Willie Lambert
  • son - John "Bud" Huffman married Bessie Nichols
  • son - Charles Huffman married Maybell Pigg (died in 1919 at age 19 in a McComas Coal Mine
  • son - Wiley Huffman married Mammie King
  • son - Walter Huffman married Edith Lambert
  • daughter - Pheobe Huffman married Orville Sparks