New parents have a lot of concerns that involve how to take care of their newborn child to managing bills in the hospital and handling family life and work. Yet, the major issue that comes to mind of all the new parents out there is their newborn child’s safety. Fortunately, there’s a lot of recommendations about keeping young kids safe in your house. But unfortunately, there might be excessive resources, which makes it difficult to determine which one you should apply. To help you simplify this dilemma, we have listed below the most essential safety measures each parent should take—primarily to make your home child-proof:

Set up safety latches on your cabinet

Dangerous cleaning agents and chemicals must never be neglected and be within reach of your children. Cabinets can easily be reached by small kids and there is a possibility that they might get poisoned if this happens. To make all the hazardous chemicals out of reach of your children, consider installing cabinet safety latches that contain such chemicals.

Inspect for lead paint

One of the critical health risks for both children and adults alike would be lead poisoning. Properties that are developed within at least 30 years do not have the danger of lead paint. However, beyond that age, older apartments and houses must be inspected by the experts regularly.

Utilize anti-scald devices on showerheads and faucets

A lot of houses, particularly the older ones, might have not installed the right precaution to prevent young kids from burning themselves. If you have an older hot water heater or plumbing, then you must really think about setting up an anti-scalding device in your plumbing. Though devices could be done by yourself, we highly suggest that you should get pipe-mounted versions and have it installed by a certified plumber.

Set up childproof outlet covers

Installing outlet covers is one of the best recommendations to do if you want to childproof your home. Doing this could guarantee that your kids won’t stick foreign objects or stick their finger into an outlet. Moreover, ensure to have outlet covers that are particularly intended to secure your kids since they are extremely challenging to remove compared to the usual outlet covers.

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