Being a lawyer is oftentimes overwhelming, from the theories you need to learn at school and the experiences as well as problems you need to face during field practice. The Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney, for instance, faces a lot of communication and negotiation with different kinds of people. If you want to be a lawyer, or want to hire one, there are ideal qualities you need to take into consideration. These qualities may not all be present in you or your prospective attorney, as people will never be perfect, but these guiding principles will guide you to distinguish bad and good-performing lawyers in the field.

Be Clear

The number one thing that all lawyers need to have is clearness in communication. All of the attorneys we interviewed mentioned that this is very important as the job requires eloquence and constant communication with different kinds of people including the judge. Also, the information and details that need to be communicated are facts so they need to be said and given as plainly as possible. Unclear communication results in different misunderstood requests, and unclear instructions — which all lead to weeks of ramifications and redoing of some works.

Be Honest

There is nothing more important to have as a lawyer defending someone in the court but the reputation for integrity and honesty. As much as everyone is concerned, being honest will serve the lawyer several benefits and this includes the ability to get things done in a smooth, straightforward manner. The bankruptcy world is a small world and there is less room for obliqueness and lies. One is expected to deliver straightforward results as soon as possible. Moreover, once the lawyer loses his reputation because of a dishonest statement or work, he/she may never get it back. This is how important maintaining a good reputation is; It requires constant effort.

Be Ethical

Lawyers are working in the field that yearns for justice, and justice alone. Besides honesty and straight wards facts, working ethically is a must when working with other lawyers and/or clients. The guiding principles to help lawyers achieve this are stated in the Code of Professional Responsibility for the state bar and least once a year. It is also important to take note of the Bankruptcy Rule 9011, which provides sanctions to attorneys who submit court pleadings that have an improper purpose like harassment.

Other things you need to consider:

Team player – an attorney should be able to work seamlessly with everyone including the clients, bosses, associates, secretary.

Client-oriented – the attorney needs to be able to quickly respond when there is a communication provided by the client, respect the client, clear with how he communicates, and be diplomatic between different clients.

Being in the filed needs constant effort in trying to be better every day, and this entails getting more experiences and doing the best that a lawyer can to make most of the effort she/he offers in a case. While it is true that an ideal lawyer needs to be clear, concise, ethical, and honest, there are still things that are needed to consider, one of which is the fact that lawyers too, are in a constant fight for improvement.